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Equinus deformity has been associated with over 96% of biomechanically related foot and ankle pathologies.4


  • Ankle

Gastrocnemius Aponeuosis Intra-Muscular Recession

  • Cosmesis-Medial Mini-Open Incision (2.5-3cm).
  • In a cadaver study, dorsiflexion improvement was seen.3
  • Proximal intramuscular approach avoids the sural nerve.1
  • Potentially less muscle atrophy and weakness compared to Strayer procedure.1,3

*PiroVue was not used in this cadaver study




  • Use of PiroVue in an open procedure is designed to present improved visualization compared to endoscopic. The system offers a controlled and guided release. 


  • Recession can be done on both gastrocnemius and soles as identified by Silfverskiold test.3


  • Convenience of sterile packed kit with no endoscopic equipment required and no ancillary draping time or associated costs.


PiroVue™ Cadaveric Surgical Technique

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