Limb Salvage

Zimmer Biomet’s Limb Salvage Portfolio was designed to address patients with severe bone loss, atypical joint deformities, multiple revisions or oncologic musculoskeletal disorders found in the hip, knee and shoulder. Our salvage systems are designed to provide surgeons with modularity and surgical latitude to best meet the unique needs of each individual patient.

OSS Orthopedic Salvage System

Zimmer Biomet’s Orthopedic Salvage System is designed to deliver a comprehensive solution for significant bone loss. Its modular platform offers surgeons intraoperative flexibility often required during challenging reconstructions. 

Systems for Use with the OSS Orthopedic Salvage System

To increasingly meet the distinct needs of each patient, the Orthopedic Salvage System’s universal taper allows for complete system interchangeability between supplemental components providing more solutions to difficult revision cases.

Zimmer® Segmental System

The Zimmer® Segmental System is designed to address patients with severe bone loss associated with disease, trauma or revision. Cross-system capabilities with the NexGen® RH Knee provide the flexibility necessary for challenging reconstruction. 

Tailored resources for your patients

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