Features and Benefits


Customized to a surgeon’s existing direct anterior workflow in order to maintain surgical efficiency.

  • Fluoroscopy-based workflow mirrors current procedure
  • No pins, reference arrays or cameras resulting in no additional procedure setup
  • Easy-to-use user interface


Precisely assists with accurate acetabular component orientation and leg length through robotic guidance 1

  • Component positioning with ROSA Hip has been shown to be more accurate and reproducible than conventional instrumentation.1  
  • Provides real-time data to evaluate leg length and offset decision making intraoperatively. 
  • Resulted in 100% of cases within the Lewinnek and Callanan Safe Zones (fewer outliers compared to conventional instrumentation).
  • Utilize ONE Planner® Hip, our web-based surgical software to plan a hip replacement case using pre-operative X-ray patient images to plan implant components and neck cut, restore leg length and offset and evaluate pelvic tilt. 



Simplified setup may minimize additional time to procedure.

  • Trial panel provides table to evaluate best possible implant combination in terms of leg length and offset for each patient based on available stem and head options
  • Auto landmarking and overlay tool support a streamlined procedure
  • Plan cases virtually with intuitive, web-based ONE Planner Hip
  • No CT scan required


Making the best decision when it matters requires data-driven intelligence.
  • A cornerstone of ZBEdge™, our suite of integrated digital and robotic technologies built to unlock data-powered insights across the continuum of care
  • ZBEdge harnesses data to create new value and capabilities, through an unrivaled user experience, with the goal of improving patient outcomes through informed decision-making by quantifying subjective elements of orthopedic care
  • Capture more objective patient-specific data to aggregate, analyze and quantify 


Brochures and Resources


ROSA® Hip Overview Video

ONE Planner Hip & ROSA® Hip Surgeon Insight Demo Video

ROSA® Hip System V1.0 Surgical Technique (Extended Version)

Clinical and Cadaveric Studies

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ZBEdge Supporting Evidence

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Cadaveric studies are not necessarily indicative of clinical results. 

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Patients must have a compatible smartphone to utilize mymobility. Not all patients are candidates for the use of this product and surgeons should evaluate individually to determine which patients are appropriate for therapy at home. 

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For additional robotic inquiries and concerns, contact 1-855 ROSA BOT  

  1. Kamath AF, Durbhakula SM, Pickering T, Cafferky NL, Murray TG, Wind Jr. MA, Méthot S.* Improved Accuracy and Fewer Outliers with a Novel CT-free Robotic THA System in Matchedpair Analysis with Manual THA. Journal of Robotic Surgery. 2021 Oct 28. doi: 10.1007/s11701-021-01315-Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34709535.

* A Zimmer Biomet Employee

Cadaveric studies are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance. Study funded by Zimmer Biomet.