Taperloc Complete Hip System builds on the clinically proven Taperloc hip stem.1-3

Launched in 1982, the Taperloc Hip Stem is the longest clinically referenced hip stem with a wedge shape, titanium substrate, and proximally circumferential titanium porous plasma sprayed design.1-3


  • Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Femoral Reconstruction


  • Tapered Wedge
  • Cementless


  • Primary

Based on the clinically proven Taperloc Hip Stem

29 Year Survivorship


(82% – 95%) at 29 years for any reason, any component [Kaplan-Meier]

 10 Year Survivorship


Kaplan-Meier for stem only5

 29 Year Survivorship


For aseptic loosening stem [Kaplan-Meier]4

System Features

The Taperloc Complete Hip System has since become the industry standard in cementless hip arthroplasty.1 Combining unmatched clinical success with Zimmer Biomet’s commitment to product innovation, the Taperloc Complete Hip System has design enhancements that are intended to help surgeons restore leg length, stability, offset, and range of motion accurately and consistently. The Taperloc Complete Hip System comprises of the following femoral prosthesis offerings:

Taperloc Complete Femoral Stem

Features a reduced distal geometry in which a gradual reduction of the stem substrate occurs distal to the porous coating level

Taperloc Complete Microplasty® Femoral Stem

Features a reduced stem length from the standard length stem to better address minimally invasive techniques, providing an alternative to femoral resurfacing while offering a solution in cases where a bone conserving prosthesis is desirable

Taperloc Complete XR 123° Femoral Stem

Helps address femurs with a more varus neck by allowing for additional offset to properly restore hip biomechanics and soft tissue tensioning



Clinicallly Proven

Design built on the Taperloc stem (launched in 1983), the longest clinically referenced1-3 primary hip stem with: 

  • Wedge shape 

  • Proximally circumferential titanium porous plasma sprayed design 

  • Titanium substrate 

Designed to Treat a Range of Patient Anatomies 

  • Full Length 

  • Reduced Distal 

  • Microplasty (35 mm length reduction)

Consistent Sizing (1 mm increments)

  • Designed to provide optimal interchangeability, O.R. efficiency, and accurate matching of the patient's femur without the need to remove additional bone


The Taperloc Complete Hip System is compatible with ONE Planner Hip, a web-based preoperative planner for primary total hip arthroplasty. Using the auto-plan mode, surgeons can create a preoperative plan within five minutes. 

ONE Planner Hip features an optional spinopelvic mobility assessment tool if both a sitting and standing lateral x-ray are provided with the AP X-ray. This web-based planner requires no onsite installation and adds no extra steps to the workflow.

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