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The ONE Planner Hip is a web-based preoperative planner for primary total hip arthroplasty. Using the auto-plan mode, surgeons can create a preoperative plan within five minutes. 

ONE Planner Hip features an optional spinopelvic mobility assessment tool if both a sitting and standing lateral x-ray are provided with the AP X-ray. This web-based planner requires no onsite installation and adds no extra steps to the workflow.

System Features


  • Web-based program, no installation needed onsite
  • No extra steps to workflow, standard AP X-rays are suitable
  • Intuitive and clean user interface with interactive adjustment of auto-plan results
  • Access via existing Zimmer Biomet case management systems, SMS for U.S., DCMS for outside the U.S. 

 Auto-Plan Mode

  • Headstart with auto-plan mode, preoperative plan completed within five minutes
  • Incudes image calibration, implants, offset, leg length difference and femoral neck cut

Pelvic Tilt Assessment

  • Optional feature: Additional to the AP X-ray  both a sitting and standing lateral X-ray required
  • Semi-automated (required landmarks need to  be placed manually, subsequently values and angles are visualized automatically)
  • Categorization of patient-specific spinopelvic mobility

Trusted Partnership

  • Developed in-house by the experienced Zimmer Biomet engineering team
  • Compatible with: Avenir Complete® Hip System, Taperloc® Complete Hip System,
    Echo® Bi-Metric® and the G7® Acetabular System
  • Suitable for use with the ROSA® Hip system 


ONE Planner Hip Product Demonstration

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ONE Planner® Hip & ROSA® Hip Surgeon Insight

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ONE Planner® Hip with Atul Kamath, MD

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