Innovative Solutions for Exceptional Outcomes

Zimmer Biomet is a leader in Craniomaxillofacial surgical solutions. We deliver a wide array of devices focused on helping surgeons in treating the cranium, mandibular and maxillofacial skeleton. Our portfolio encompasses a number of essentials for CMF surgery including implants, instruments, e-tools and specialized patient-matched services to support clinicians, patients and hospitals.


ROSA ONE Brain is a robotic platform to assist surgeons in planning and performing complex neurosurgical procedures in a minimally invasive manner.


1.5 Neuro Plating System
Allogenix and Allogenix Plus
CranioCurve® Preformed Mesh
HTR-PEKK Patient-Matched Cranial Implant
HTR-PMMA Patient-Matched Implant
iQ® Intelligent System
LactoSorb® Resorbable Fixation System
Mimix® & Mimix QS Bone Replacement
RapidFlap LS
RapidFlap SpinDown Titanium
SterileTrac Plating System
ThinFlap Plating System


iQ Intelligent Drilling System
Midface 1.5mm/2.0mm Titanium System


OmniMax MMF System
OnPoint Scope System
Total Joint Replacement System
TraumaOne Plating System