ZBEdge is Dynamic Intelligence with the power to elevate and unlock the full potential of Zimmer Biomet's cutting-edge digital technologies, robotics and implant solutions.

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Dynamic and Artificial Intelligence in Orthopedics 

ZBEdge technologies collect objective data before, during and after surgery, and then deliver actionable insights to help you make the most informed decision possible. 

  • OrthoIntel Orthopedic Intelligence Platform has made early associations between ‘tight’ knees intra-operatively and lower step counts post-operatively.1
  •  X-Atlas® 2D to 3D Technology, the pre-operative planning software used with ROSA® Knee, effectively predicted implant size prior to surgery.2
  •  WalkAITM Predicted Progress Exceptions* creates a personalized prediction model of each patient’s 90-day gait speed. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it helps predict patients likely to be at risk of a low 90-day gait speed outcome. 


Efficient robotic and digital healthcare 

ZBEdge connects robotic and digital technologies together to help you deliver faster and more efficient care. Demand for orthopedic treatment is growing; you need tools that help you meet that demand efficiently.

  • Use of the ROSA Knee System has resulted in a faster recovery following total knee arthroplasty for range-of-motion10, Knee Society Scores11, and KOOS JR scores12 when compared to conventional TKA.
  • The mymobility® care management platform enabled more efficient care by reducing in-person physical therapy and emergency department visits.3,4,7
  • ROSA Knee has a rapid initial learning curve.5,6
  • Omni™ Suite, Zimmer Biomet’s Intelligent Operating Room, is designed to reduce manual activities so that the care team can focus on the patient.**


More personalization for a great user experience

ZBEdge can be personalized and is designed for ease-of-use. The goal? Greater clinician and patient engagement in healthcare. ZBEdge technologies help remove friction for patients and caregivers alike through well-designed solutions.

  • Persona IQ® enables remote data collection independent of patient reporting.
  • mymobility patients reported decreased surgery-related anxiety compared to previous medical/surgical experiences.8
  • ROSA Knee resulted in less physician stress and strain compared to conventional instruments.9

ZBEdge Supporting Evidence


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