Thoracic - Restoring Chest Wall Stability

Zimmer Biomet offers a myriad of solutions to assist thoracic surgeons from rigid fixation solutions; pectus bar implants to address Pectus excavatum disorders and clinical research trials validating effectiveness. Zimmer Biomet continuously pursues the most innovative and clinically relevant solutions to meet the needs of thoracic surgeons and their patients. Through a collaborative approach with healthcare professionals, we expand the possibility that every patient receives the products necessary for optimal care.

Sternal Closure

SternaLock® Blu Primary Closure System
SternaLock®  360 Sternal Closure System
SternaLock®  XP Rigid Fixation System


DoubleWire(tm) Sternal Closure
Surgical Punches
Pacing Wires

Pectus Repair

Pectus Bar

Rib Fixation

RibFix Blu®  Thoracic Fixation System
RibFix Advantage® Intrathoracic Rib Fixation System