Hip Technologies

Our expansive technology portfolio unites the latest innovations in biological fixation, advanced bearing materials and infection diagnosis to offer surgeons and hospitals the ability to meet the various needs of today’s patients.

Hip Fracture

Zimmer Biomet addresses the unpredictability of fracture cases by offering femoral and acetabular options with system-based platforms to treat various patient anatomies and bone quality.

Total Hip Arthroplasty

The Zimmer Biomet primary hip portfolio encompasses femoral and acetabular systems to address the specific needs of each patient and implant designs to accommodate the surgeon’s chosen philosophy.

Femoral Reconstruction

Acetabular Reconstruction


Revision Hip Arthroplasty

Our comprehensive revision hip arthroplasty portfolio simplifies the complexity of difficult primary and revision THA. This includes femoral, acetabular and auxiliary options that accommodate a wide variety of bone conditions to provide individualized solutions for patients.

Femoral Reconstruction

Acetabular Reconstruction

Patient-Matched Hip Implants

Anatomic individually or extremely difficult reconstruction cases may require the development of a patient-specific hip implant. In such cases, Zimmer Biomet’s Patient-Matched Implant (PMI©) department is available to work directly with surgeons to address the most severe cases of bone loss or deformity. Using CT, X-Ray or MRI data, the PMI team can provide can provide a possible solution.


ROSA® Hip is a personalized robotic system that enables DA surgeons to evaluate and execute a surgical plan based on real-time feedback and the patient’s unique anatomy.

It provides surgeons with reassurance and control, while seamlessly integrating into their workflow.

Tailored resources for your patients

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