Meeting the long-term performance needs of high demand patients

Zimmer Biomet developed Vivacit-E Vitamin E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene with antioxidant protection to meet the long-term performance needs of high-demand patients.


  • Hip Technologies
  • Bearing Technologies

Builds on the legacy of Longevity®  Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene with more than 13 years of clinical success.1

A Lifetime of Wear Resistance


Wear Reduction Over Conventional Polyethylene at 100 Million Cycles2

Oxidation or Significant Decline in Mechanical Properties

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When subjected to accelerated aging for 33 weeks7


Exceptional Oxidative Stability

  • It’s widely accepted that oxidation is a primary aging mechanism of polyethylene, which can lead to osteolysis and implant failure. The oxidative stability of Vivacit-E HXPE is the result of a proprietary process that grafts (locks) vitamin E directly to the polyethylene chain.3-6  The vitamin E continuously stabilizes the material to prevent oxidative degradation of the polyethylene. When subjected to accelerated aging for 33 weeks (16 times the industry standard), Vivacit-E HXPE showed no signs of oxidation or significant decline in mechanical properties.7

Ultra-low Wear

  • In tests on 2 week-aged 40 mm articulation size Vivacit-E liners and Longevity liners, Vivacit-E liners showed ultra-low wear rates comparable to Longevity liners.8

Improved Strength

  • Antioxidant protection eliminates the need to remelt the polyethylene, leading to an improvement in strength in comparison to highly crosslinked polyethylene.9
  • The vitamin E in Vivacit-E HXPE prevents oxidation, resulting in mechanical strength that is retained after accelerated aging for more than 16 times the 2-week industry standard test according to ASTM F2003.7,9,10

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