The HAMMR Automated Hip Impaction System is designed to address surgeon strain, fatigue, and repetitive motion associated with the traditional mallet.


  • Three adjustable energy levels to effortlessly address bone quality variation in both the femur and acetabulum.


  • Ergonomic and balanced impaction device designed to replace the traditional mallet to address fatigue and repetitive motion.


  • Consistent and controlled energy1 designed to minimize variability in both bone preparation and device implantation.

Designed for multiple surgical approaches and implant systems.

Adapters are available for anterior and posterior surgical approaches and are secured to the device during use to address off-axis impaction that can occur with a mallet.

HAMMR pairs seamlessly with Zimmer Biomet’s premier hip implant systems.

G7® Acetabular System

Avenir Complete® Hip System

Taperloc® Complete Hip System

Echo® Bi-Metric® Full Length and Microplasty® Hip Stem*

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*The HAMMR automated impaction system is contraindicated for use with the size 7 Echo® Bi-Metric® Full Length High Offset stem.