Short, Simple and Stable

The Echo Femoral Hip System offers a modern metaphyseal loading fit and fill design to address increasing hospital demands for both primary and fracture applications.


  • Femoral Reconstruction
  • Hip Fracture


  • Fit and Fill 
  • Cemented and Cementless



  • Primary
  • Fracture

The Echo Bi-Metric and Microplasty stems are built upon the heritage of two clinically proven implants: the Integral® and Bi-Metric femoral components.  Backed by over 20 years of clinical success,1–3  the Echo Bi-Metric stems enhance existing features of each and offer additional benefits to better meet patient needs.

7 years


Echo Bi-Metric Femoral Stem1

12 years


Integral Femoral Stem4

20 years


Bi-Metric Femoral Stem5



Proven Design, 30 Years of Experience

The Echo® Bi-Metric® System represents the union of two clinically proven Zimmer Biomet implants: the Integral® and Bi-Metric femoral components. Backed by this long standing clinical heritage, the Echo Bi-Metric System enhances existing features of each and offers benefits to better meet patient demands.4-7

Multiple Variants

Addresses multiple anatomies, to suit various surgical approaches.

Full and Reduced Proximal Profile Options

Including 2 reduced proximal profile sizing options to accommodate varying anatomies

Two Profile Options

To maximize fit in smaller femoral canals or Dorr Type C femurs, reducing the need to force or undersize the implant to achieve the desired press fit.


The Echo Hip System is compatible with ONE Planner Hip, a web-based preoperative planner for primary total hip arthroplasty. Using the auto-plan mode, surgeons can create a preoperative plan within five minutes. 

ONE Planner Hip features an optional spinopelvic mobility assessment tool if both a sitting and standing lateral x-ray are provided with the AP X-ray. This web-based planner requires no onsite installation and adds no extra steps to the workflow.

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