The Exodus Revision Hip System facilitates stem bone interface disruption that is significantly improved over traditional techniques and is designed for minimal bone loss with minimal effort and minimal damage to the proximal femur, compared to an extended trochanteric osteotomy.


  • Stem Extraction


  • Single-use 
  • Stem contouring design



  • Revision

System Features

Three Pre-Sterilized, Single-use Blades

  • Single-use ensures that the blades are sharp and free of damage.

Reusable Exodus Handle

  • Designed with an oversized strike-plate to provide protection from the mallet and enable impaction and extraction without having to change instruments.


Stem Contouring Medial Blade

  • Designed with a slot that allows the device to work around the neck geometry and access the bone interface at the medial calcar. The gouge shape is designed to contour the implant and the proximal to distal radius helps follow along the medial calcar distally.

Curved Lateral Blade

  • Designed with a gouge shape to contour the lateral shoulder of the implant and a radius to help follow the implant and tuck under the greater trochanter.

A/P Chisel

  • The thin A/P chisel is designed to follow along the implant surface with adequate stiffness to reduce the risk of bending



  • The single-use Exodus blades are pre-sterilized for convenience and reduce clinic sterilization costs and processing burdens.


  • The Exodus handle features Hudson Quick-Connect with Rotational Control, providing a quick-connect feature designed to provide rotational control and enable efficiency when changing between blades.

Comfortable During Use

  • The Exodus handle has a curved strike-plate undersurface that enables a firm grip between the palm and fingertips while back-striking during extraction. The silicone grip on the handle is designed to reduce fatigue while providing grip, ergonomics and comfort during use.

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