A Unique, Highly Porous Biomaterial 

Trabecular Metal Material is made from elemental tantalum with structural, functional, and physiological properties similar to that of bone.1 The material features a 100% open, engineered and interconnected pore structure to support biological fixation and vascularization.1,2 The material has over 20 years of demonstrated clinical use in a variety of orthopaedic applications.3-5


  • Hip Reconstruction
  • Hip Technologies

The performance of specific components in human subjects has been well-documented in peer-reviewed journal articles, poster exhibits and abstracts. Independent studies have confirmed the structural and mechanical properties of Trabecular Metal material.1-4

System Features



  • Made from commercially pure elemental tantalum and designed to withstand physiologic loads.1
  • 100% open engineered and interconnected pore structure to support biological fixation and vascularization.1,2

  • Up to 80% porosity.1


  • Low modulus of elasticity similar to cancellous bone for more normal physiological loading which has the potential to reduce stress shielding when used in a monoblock or monolithic application.3

  • High coefficient of friction vs. cancellous bone for stable initial fixation.3


  • Chemically stable and biocompatible material which creates little adverse biological response.6


Additional Information

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