Flexibility, Fixation, Bearing Options

The Zimmer Segmental System has cross-system capabilities with the NexGen® RH Knee that provides the flexibility necessary for challenging reconstructions.


  • Limb Salvage


  • Controllable Adjustments
  • Biologic Fixation


  • Limb Salvage

The Zimmer Segmental System is a modular salvage knee prosthesis intended to replace the distal femur, mid-shaft femur, proximal femur, and/or total knee in cases that require extensive resection and restoration.



95% Condylar Loading

  • Utilizes the same kinematics as the RH Knee – designed to maintain centralized contact throughout ROM (from -3° of hyperextension to 120°) resulting in 95% condylar loading through the tibial condyles.

Trabecular Metal Technology

  • Trabecular Metal Technology at key fixation interfaces, enabling biologic fixation designed to replicate the structure, function and physiological properties of cancellous bone1

Splined Press-fit Stems

  • Press-fit stems are splined for secure initial press fit with a variable stiffness (VS) tip designed to help reduce tip stress inside the bone.

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