Bone Conserving, Modular Hinge

The NexGen RH Knee features a bone conserving modular hinge design that addresses key issues related to many conventional rotating hinge knee designs.


  • Primary Knee Reconstruction
  • Revision Knee Reconstruction


  • Bone Conservation
  • Modularity


  • Primary
  • Revision

The features of the NexGen RH Knee are designed to allow bone conservation as well as easy intra-operative conversions from NexGen Legacy® Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK).

Clinical Use

19 years

The NexGen Rotating Hinge Knee has over 19 years of clinical use.1

Tibial Condyle Load Bearing


The NexGen RH Knee femoral component and articular surfaces are designed to maintain centralized contact throughout ROM (from -3° of hyperextension to 120°) resulting in 95% condylar loading through the tibial condyles.



Bone Conserving Hinge Design

  • Same femoral cuts as NexGen Legacy Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK)

Trabecular Metal Tibial and Femoral Cones*

  • Trabecular Metal Tibial and Femoral Cones, made from clinically proven2-4 Trabecular Metal Technology, are available in multiple shapes and sizes

*The Zimmer Biomet NexGen Trabecular Metal Tibial and Femoral Cones are for use only with the NexGen Complete Knee Solution System. When used with the RH Knee System, the Trabecular Metal Cones are for cemented use only in the United States. When used with the LCCK System, the Trabecular Metal Cones are for cementless or cemented use.

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