A symphony of foot and ankle repair®

The system comes with a complete set of sterile implants and insruments, designed to create ease of use and efficiency for you and your hospital staff. 


  • Forefoot
  • Midfoot
  • Hindfoot

Procedure Type

  • Forefoot: 1st MPJ Arthrodesis, Fifth Metatarsal Fracture
  • Midfoot: Lapidus, Navicular Fractures, Lisfranc Repair, Naviculocuneiform Arthrodesis, Medial Column Fusion, Talonavicular Arthrodesis, Cuboid Fractures, Triple Arthrodesis, Cotton Osteotomy
  • Hindfoot: Evans Osteotomy, Calcaneocuboid, Talonavicular

Ti-6Al-4V ELI, Type 2 Anodized Titanium Alloy Mechanical Fatigue Strength

Fatigue strength


stronger than 316L SS EP

Fatigue strength


stronger than Type II color anodized Ti-6Al-4V-ELI

Fatigue strength


stronger than machined




  • The fully sterile Stratum Foot Plating System includes innovative technology. The system has 11 distinctive plate options (49 plates) along with 6 screw families (2.7, 3.5 & 4.0 mm), ready to go in sterile procedure kits, which add value by addressing the productivity needs of the surgical team.


  • The tabbed design on the compression ramp is designed to allow for easy removal. 


  • Plate position can be quickly modified by adjusting single hole and re-drilling through template. Plates can be bent using insitu-contouring to achieve optimal fit to the bone. The different length plate benders allow for optimal grip when benders are in close proximity to one another.


Stratum Foot Plating System Designed by Nextremity Solutions, Inc.

Stratum Features Animation

Stratum Foot Plating System

Lisfranc Procedure with STRATUM® Foot Plating System

Lapidus Procedure with STRATUM® Foot Plating System

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