ComposiTCP Suture Anchors

The ComposiTCP Suture Anchor is Zimmer Biomet’s first biocomposite, absorbable suture anchor system for securing soft tissue to bone. Made of DuoSorb®, a proprietary biocomposite material blend, these anchors offer strong fixation and a versatile anchor offering.

  • Osteoconductive1

  • Pull out strength of 267N2 in sawbone testing

  • Versatile configurations loaded with MaxBraid Suture & BroadBand Suture Tape


Osteoconductive, Biocompatible, and Absorbable1

Material made of 30% β-Tricalcium-Phoshpate (β-TCP), 70% Polylactic Acid (PLDL) mix is a balance of strength and elasticity similar to cortical bone1

  • β-TCP is designed to provide a scaffold for bone ingrowth

  • Higher β-TCP content has shown to limit inflammatory responses in an animal study1

  • ComposiTCP Suture Anchors are gradually replaced by newly formed bone and have shown to absorb over time in an animal study

Strong Fixation and Easy Insertion in Bone

Reliability in bone makes anchors suitable for medial row use in double row or single row repair

  • The 4.5mm ComposiTCP suture anchor shows an average fixation strength of 267N in testing2

Various Assortments of Suture and Tape Configurations

 This anchor platform offers a variety of sizes double loaded with either #2 round suture or BroadBand tape variations.

  • The dual channel eyelet design allows for smooth suture sliding and expedited suture management across all platforms

  • Seamless loading into instrumentation with 1.5 mm BroadBand Tape (flat) transition into #2 MaxBraid Suture ends (round)

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