Two-piece Design

The two-piece design with RevLock® Adjustable Locking Mechanism provides intermediate locking before final closure and allows for retained compression. 

Maximized bone purchase1

  • Stable and secure phalanx
  • Designed to optimize screw design
  • Adjustable bone to bone apposition
  • Progressive ratchet tightening mechanism
  • Intended to aid bone fusion

2-piece precision insertion

  • Intermediate locking before final closure

Reversible assembly

  • Proprietary RevLock Adjustable Locking Mechanism
  • Natural anatomically correct design with 10 degree angulation

Superior Bone Purchase vs. K-wires2

Designed to increase fusion rate, activity, quality of life and reduce pain.3


3 Sizes for Density and Width



  • Designed to maximum bone purchase1, stabilize and secure phalanx, and optimize screw design for repeatable outcomes.2


  • This system is able to be adjusted in situ and is removable at surgery offering the ability to revise if position is not optimal. The adjustable bone-to-bone apposition with progressive ratchet tightening mechanism and reversible assembly are delivered using RevLock®.


  • Anatomically correct design with 10 degrees of angulation to restore to natural state. 


Nextra® Hammertoe Correction System - Surgical Animation

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