Anatomically Contoured Locking Plates with Compression 

The Periarticular Locking Plate System aims to combine optimal fit with advanced locking technology to offer a system for the treatment of comminuted fractures or fractures where deficient bone stock or poor bone quality is a factor.


  • Ankle


  • Ankle: Ankle Fracture, Distal Tibia Fracture, Syndesmosis

System Features




  • Meeting clinical needs with a wide range of plate and screw options available to anticipate clinical needs of the future.


  • The shallow thread profile allows for screws with a large core diameter to accommodate loading intended to improve bending and shear strength. 

Streamlined workflow

  • This locking screw technology gives surgeons the ability to create a fixed-angle construct while using familiar plating techniques. 


Periarticular Plating System

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