Pre-Assembled Dual-Stage Locking Mechanism

The PhoenixAnkle Arthrodesis Nail is composed of titanium alloy and features proprietary CoreLock Technology. This  distinct, dual-stage locking mechanism is pre-assembled and embedded in each nail, providing up to 7mm of internal tibiotalar compression, followed by independent locking of the calcaneal screws. The nail offers a static screw site proximally and a 10mm dynamic compression slot, both of which accommodate 5.0 mm double lead cortical screws.


  • Tibia

Product Type

  • Intramedullary Nail


  • Ankle: Tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) Arthrodesis



Anatomically Designed

  • The System is capable of treating varying patient anatomies, the Phoenix Ankle Arthrodesis Nail is universal and available in 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm diameters—all of which are available in lengths of 150mm - 300mm


  • The system features a strong, lightweight radiolucent targeting arm that permits radiographic visualization in multiple planes, and can provide 30mm of axial compression across both the ankle and sub-talar fusion sites. When additional fixation and/or control of rotation is desired, the targeting arm can accurately target an oblique screw on either side of the nail.


  • With easy to use color-coded instrumentation conveniently contained in a single tray, the Phoenix Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System addresses both patient and surgeon needs


Phoenix Ankle Arthrodesis Nail System Featuring CoreLock Technology

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