Designed for Efficiency

  • Inserter designed with built in tamp
  • Surgeon’s eyes do not have to leave field of view
  • Inserter can aid intraoperative staple removal


Comprehensive Sizes for a variety of surgical needs

  • Staple sizes ranging from 8mm x 8mm to 30mm x 20mm, including offset leg length staples
  • Indications for:
    • Hand and foot arthrodesis
    • Proximal tibial metaphysis osteotomy
    • Fixation of small bone fragments



  • Fatigue Strength measured 4x more cycles at a 50% higher load than a leading competitive staple1
  • Pull out strength measured 1.5x stonger than a leading competitive staple1
  • Nitinol material designed to provide consistent compressive force across fixation site


  • Multiple bridge widths and leg lengths.
  • Single use inserter, drill guide, drill bit, and locating pins all included in each kit


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