A big step forward for small bone fractures.

The MAX VPC Screw System comprised of cannulated, headless, fully threaded screws designed to provide the user tactile feedback during insertion, provide compression to the bone fragments and structural support during healing.


  • Hand and Wrist

Product Type

  • Plates and Screws




  • The color-coded system allows for easy identification of specialized instrumentation to the corresponding sized screws.


  • Short lengths available (95mm, 105mm, 127mm) make instrumentation user-friendly and facilitate reduction by securely holding bone fragments. 

Anatomically accommodating

  • The system includes 39 implant options for patient-specific sizing.  


Zimmer Biomet MAX VPC DIP Surgical Technique

Zimmer Biomet MAX VPC Dorsal Surgical Technique

Zimmer Biomet MAX VPC Volar Surgical Technique

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