Early initial fixation


  • Titanium plasma spray surface increases calcium deposition by 305% and 470% after 24 hours, compared to Titanium and PEEK, respectively1
  • Titanium plasma spray coating increases surface area by 40% at the microscale1

Bonelike properties

  • PEEK material has similar modulus of elasticity to cancellous bone

Radiographical Markers 

  • Tantalum markers enable intra-operative visualization

Large graft window

  • Autograft or Bonus® Triad Allograft material can be applied in the graft window before implantation 

System Features

Offers a stable, secure implant with properties similar to cancellous bone, early initial fixation, and radiographic markers to aid intra-operative visualization



Evans Osteotomy with RIPTIDE™ Wedge System

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