The InCore Subtalar system is a fully guided, solid intraosseous construct designed to minimize painful hardware prominence, while providing mechanical compression at the subtalar joint. 

System Features

Fully Guided

  • Post and Targeting Guide utilize anatomical landmarks to facilitate fixation placement


Solid Intraosseous Construct

  • Solid 8.0mm Titanium Post provides large surface area engagement in the cancellous bone of the talus
  • Headless compression screws thread directly into the 8.0mm post
  • The post and screws construct is designed to fit in the bone to help minimize painful hardware promi­nence often reported with headed screws1,2*


Controlled Distraction/Compression

  • Targeting Guide includes built-in Compression-Distraction Fixture providing compression parallel to the long axis of the screws
  • Targeting Guide provides distraction of the joint for visualization and joint preparation
  • Distraction allows space for curettage and microfracture


  • 8.0mm x 28mm Titanium Post
  • 5.5mm Diameter Headless Compression Screws offered from 60mm to 110mm in length
  • T25 Hexalobe Driver


InCore Subtalar System - Surgical Animation

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InCore Intraosseous Animation

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InCore Subtalar Cadaveric Demonstration

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Additional Information

*InCore Subtalar has not been comparatively clinically evaluated specifically for hardware-related pain

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