JuggerLoc Bone-to-Bone System

JuggerLoc Bone-to-Bone System is a suture based implant intended for repair in the foot and ankle.  Indications include ankle syndesmosis fixation and Lisfranc repair.


  • Ankle
  • Midfoot


  • Ankle Syndesmosis



Bone Conserving

  • Bone conserving 2.9mm drill and implant only goes through 3 cortices instead of 4. This is intended to help avoid medial wound healing issues, reducing the likelihood of saphenous vein entrapment. 

Juvenile Allograft Cartilage Advantage

  •  Procedure consists of a drill to prepare bone, insertion of implant and deploy anchor. Then add tension to ZipLoop Device and tighten button down. Implants may be used as an adjunct in connection with trauma hardware designed for Weber B and Weber C ankle fractures. 


Syndesmosis Repair - ZipTight™ and JuggerLoc™ BTB Surgical Demonstration

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