Offering cannulated, fully threaded and partially threaded headless compression and solid twist off screws

Headless Compression Screws are type 2 anodized titanium for increased strength over stainless steel and color anodized titanium in fatigue strength* The fully threaded Headless screws allows engagement of threads throughout the osteotomy for additional purchase. 

The Twist-Off screws are color anodized titanium and designed for direct connection to a drill and to twist off cleanly with the screw head contacts the near cortex.


  • Forefoot


  • Forefoot: Bunion Correction, Hammertoe Correction, Weil Osteotomy, 1st MPJ Arthrodesis, Akin Osteotomy, Bunionette, Hallux Interphalangeal Joint Arthrodesis 
  • Midfoot: Lisfranc Repair, Naviculocuneiform Arthrodesis, Talonavicular Arthrodesis, Cuboid Fractures

Product Features




  • Designed with four cutting edges on the distal tip of the headless compression screw for efficient insertion.


  • Headless compression screw utilizes type 2 anodized titanium for increased fatigue strength over stainless steel and color anodized titanium. Twist-off screws utilize 3-point head engagement with screw driver designed for stable driving and removal of screw.

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