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This system is internal to the bone, and is designed to help minimize the need for hardware removal due to pain and irritation reported with traditional external plating constructs of first tarsometatarsal arthrodesis.1


  • Forefoot
  • Midfoot


  • Forefoot: Lapidus
  • Midfoot: Lapidus

InCore® Lapidus is designed as a post and screws construct to minimize hardware prominence that can cause pain and lead to hardware removal

Hardware removal due to pain and irritation is reported in up to


of first tarsometatarsal arthrodesis cases when using plating constructs.1,2



Fully Guided

  • Designed to simplify the technique with fully-guided stabilize angular/rotational correction in all three planes. Distraction allows for proper joint visualization and preparation allowing surgeon to cut, curettage or micro fracture. Additionally, the system has a built-in compression/distraction fixture intended to aid and hold pre-compression of the joint.

Solid Intermedullary Construct

  • The system includes post and screws designed to minimize hardware prominence that can result in hardware removal due to pain or irritation related to such hardware prominence.  Studies have shown up to 17% hardware removal due to pain and irritation when using plating constructs for first tarsometatarsal arthrodesis cases.1,2


  • The easy to use, pre-sterilized kit was intended to decrease time, sterilization cost and contamination concerns. Instruments are new and sharp every time minimizing the complexity for the OR team. Intermedullary implant post comes pre-assembled to the compression/distraction guide, eliminating need for back table assembly.


InCore Lapidus System Video

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InCore Lapidus System Animation

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InCore Lapidus System Surgical Demonstration

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InCore Lapidus System Precision Guided Correction

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