Reproducible results

The MSP (Metatarsal Shortening Plate) is an alternative to Weil Osteotomies. The plate features an osteotomy guide for reproducible midshaft cuts of the metatarsal head, and templated and controlled shortening inside a reproducible surgical technique.1


  • Forefoot


  •  Forefoot: Well Osteotomy




  • System offers a low-profile plate designed to help minimize soft tissue irritation. 

High Fusion Rate1

  • Metaphyseal/Diaphyseal oblique osteotomy in sagittal coaxial plan with no plantar displacement of metatarsal head.


  • Creates streamlined workflow during the procedure with pre-packaged, sterile procedure kits that require no additional preparation.


MSP™ Metatarsal Shortening System Surgical Animation

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MSP™ Metatarsal Shortening System Surgical Technique

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MSP™ Technique presented by Drs. Lon Weiner and Stuart Katchis

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