Designed for Quick, Easy and Efficient Mixing of Bone Cement.

 The Zimmer Biomet Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing Systems have been designed for quick and easy mixing of bone cement. The system can be used to mix different viscosities of PMMA bone cement and is available in two sizes. 


  • Total and partial joint arthroplasty


  • Modern Cementing Technique


  • Total and partial joint arthroplasty


Quick and Easy Setup

  • Ideal for both primary and revision procedures. 
  • Can be used to mix different viscosities of PMMA bone cement. 

Designed to Reduce Monomer Fumes

  • The system has a charcoal filter in order to reduce monomer fumes.

Practical Usage

  • Vacuum pump adapter provided for connection to various vacuum sources
  • Designed to easily load into the Power-Flo® Bone Cement Injector. 
  • Wide-mouth funnel makes loading of ingredients a clean and simple process.

Reducing Waste

  • Disposable, sterile device that is optimally packaged for efficient storage and minimal waste.

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