For improved clinical outcome.1-3

Modern Cementing Technique (MCT) is a standardized and proven procedure.1-3 The objective of MCT in facilitating long term implant stability is to optimize cement quality and the interfaces between both Implant-Cement and Cement-Bone.4-5 
Zimmer Biomet’s comprehensive assortment of bone cement and products for mixing and delivery, pressurization and bone bed preparation makes for one of the most complete portfolios for Modern Cementing Technique in the market today. 


  • Knee and Hip Arthroplasty


  • Modern Cementing Technique


  • Knee, Hip


Implant-Cement Interface

  • Deliver the cement with a cement gun, and appropriate delivery devices, such as knee nozzles
  • Apply bone cement to implant first, as early as possible in the sticky phase 4,6*
  • Prevent implant-cement interface contamination by implementing a “no-touch” policy 4

Bone Cement

  • Use a bone cement with good mechanical and consistent handling properties
  • Mix and collect the cement under vacuum to reduce cement porosity and to improve mechanical strength7-9*

Cement-Bone Interface

  • Perforate cancellous bone if dense or sclerotic10
  • Clean with high pressure pulsatile lavage repeatedly until clear fluid is received in the return line11-13
  • Deliver the cement with a cement gun and appropriate delivery devices, such as knee nozzles
  • Deliver bone cement into tibial stem hole to achieve full cementation14-16


Modern Cementing Technique – Knee Solutions

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