High-viscosity, antibiotic-loaded, reliable performance and easy handling.

Zimmer Biomet has decades of experience in bone cement.  
Refobacin® Bone Cement R offers a high viscosity, antibiotic-loaded bone cement, radiopaque and with easy handling. 


  • Knee Revision Arthroplasty
  • Hip Revision Arthroplasty


  • Modern Cementing Technique


  • Knee Revision
  • Hip Revision



High Viscosity Bone Cement

  • High viscosity bone cements, such as Refobacin® Bone Cement R, has a short waiting phase and a longer working phase, thereby giving more time for application.1

Reliable Performance

  • Zimmer Biomet’s bone cements follow the standard specifications in all respects for material used, formulation and manufacturing methods. Bone cements from Zimmer Biomet show reliable performance based on international laboratory standard testing.2,3* 

Antibiotic-loaded - Broad Antibacterial Spectrum 

  • Refobacin Bone Cement R includes gentamicin which has proven to be the antibiotic of choice for bone cement due to its broad antibacterial coverage.1
  • Refobacin Bone Cement R includes 0.5 g active gentamicin and provides high local concentrations of gentamicin over several days.4 

Easy Handling

  • Refobacin Bone Cement R can be mixed both by hand and in a vacuum mixing system. However, Modern Cementing Technique recommends using a vacuum mixing system for mixing and delivery of bone cement. This makes standardized handling easy and helps achieve a reproducible, homogeneous bone cement of the highest quality.5,6

High Visibility

  • Refobacin Bone Cement R contains chlorophyll and the green coloring improves visualization to surrounding tissue. This cement also provides excellent visualization under post-op x-ray.


Improving Implant Fixation with Standardized Cement Application, Mark Klaassen, MD

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Untapped Value of Cement for Implant Success, Robert Tait, MD

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