Reduced viscosity, with and without antibiotics, reliable performance and easy handling. 

Conflow Bone Cements can perform as either medium or low viscosity, thereby offering an option for different needs and preferences.  

With a reduced viscosity the cement will flow more easily which makes it ideal for syringe filling used in a lot of anatomical applications. In addition, the Conflow Bone Cements could be an option for larger joints arthroplasty when a low or medium viscosity alternative is preferred. 


  • Total and Partial Joint Replacements


  • Modern Cementing Technique


  • Diverse Applications


Reduced Viscosity – A Bone Cement with Easy Flow

  • Has reduced viscosity and can either perform as a medium or low viscosity bone cement depending on the time and temperature, thereby offering the flexibility to fit different needs and preferences. Ideal for syringe filling used in a range of anatomical applications. 

Clinically Proven with Reliable Long-Term Results1-8#

  • When used in total hip arthroplasty, 2, 5 and 10-year RSA data, collected on bone cement equivalent to Conflow Bone Cements, show satisfactory results with performance equivalent to the control group bone cement.1-5 In addition, data from the Scandinavian registers (Norway and Sweden ) demonstrated survival rate in total hip and knee arthroplasty similar to other bone cements.6-8

Antibiotic-loaded Option - Broad Antibacterial Spectrum

  • Conflow G Bone Cement includes gentamicin which has proven to be the antibiotic of choice for bone cement due to its broad antibacterial coverage.9
  • Conflow G Bone Cement includes 1g active gentamicin per 40g unit and provides high local concentrations of gentamicin over several days.10*

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