The easy to use ClearMix System helps OR staff to produce high quality vacuum mixed cement.

The ClearMix System is a vacuum cartridge for mixing and delivery of bone cement. It allows for a standardized mixing procedure with improved working environment.The system can be used for mixing of different viscosities.

The ClearMix System is available in two sizes – as Single/Double and Triple.


  • Total and partial joint arthroplasty


  • Modern Cementing Technique


  • Total and partial joint arthroplasty


High Quality Vacuum Mixing

  • A high performing vacuum cartridge for mixing and delivery of bone cement of different viscosities. The system allows for standardized mixing procedure when cement is mixed, resulting in a high quality bone cement.

Practical and Easy to Use

  • Requiring minimal assembly, clear tube makes it easy to observe the cement when mixing, high contrast blue paddle for better visibility. Also, we offer a range of suitable nozzles for proper application on implant and bone.

Safer Working Environment

  • Minimizes methylmethacrylate (MMA) exposure by drawing monomer fumes through special filters, MMA level significantly lower than OSHA guideliness1

Clear Viewing

  • Based on customer feedback, the clear tube is important as it allows the user to see the bone cement during the mixing process.


ClearMix Vacuum Mixing System

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