StageOne spacer molds are fully customizable and simplify the complexity of a two-stage revision.

StageOne is part of the clinically proven, robust revision portfolio offered by Zimmer Biomet.​


  • Two-stage Revision Arthroplasty
  • Spacer Implantation


  • Revision Knee Arthroplasty

Product/service overview:


TKA fail due to PJI2

PJI (Periprosthetic Joint Infection) is one of the most common and devastating complications after total joint replacement; often resulting in prolonged hospitalization and considerable patient morbidity.1 Despite significant technological advancements in implants and techniques, PJI now accounts for 25% and 15% of failed TKA and THA.2 PJI is a significant burden to the overall health care system and is therefore considered one of the largest challenges in orthopedics today3 with increases in cost, longer hospital stay, and a higher likelihood of readmissions compared to primary surgery.4 Our goal is to simplify the complexity of revision care and bring some predictability into the unpredictable.  



StageOne antibiotic bone cement spacers are intended for use in patients undergoing a two-stage revision procedure due to prosthetic joint infection.

The StageOne molds are fully customizable to patient’s needs and part of Zimmer Biomet’s comphrensive portfolio of revision products & services, through one holistic provider​.

Simplified Two-Stage Revision

The spacer molds maintain the joint space​ and because the spacers are articulating, they reduce soft tissue adhesion*​. This also means that less soft tissue releases are needed to restore joint mobility*​.

Improved Mobility

A well-molded, well-fitted articulating spacer, allows for improved range of motion, better function and ambulation for the patient when compared with static spacers. In addition, patients with mobile spacers had significantly better average range of motion at follow-up compared with patients with block spacers.5*

Knee Spacer Molds

StageOne Molds are available for the treatment in two stage revision of infected total knee arthroplasty with antibiotic impregnated cement Refobacin® Bone Cement R. The fully customizable molds provide the option for the surgeon to independently address the tibia and the femur with antibiotic bone cement spacers that are available in multiple sizes.

  • Designed to retain the patient's natural range of motion
  • Maintain soft tissue tension for second stage re-implantation
  • Assist in enabling patient ambulation in combination with
  • Traditional mobility-assisting devices
  • Tibial and femoral sizes are completely interchangeable
  • Available in the following sizing options –
    • Femur (mm) – 60,65,70,75
    • Tibia (mm) – 65,70,75,80 

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