A Single Source for Joint Infection Diagnosis.*

A timely, accurate diagnosis of joint infection is critical to developing a patient treatment plan. Through our laboratory facility, CD Laboratories, we offer a comprehensive panel of tests to aid in the diagnosis of joint infection with a single joint aspiration - with a streamlined sample submission process and results typically available within 24 hours. 
* Final patient diagnosis responsibility lies with the medical professional


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Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) is one of the most common complications following total joint arthroplasty.1

Synovasure Comprehensive Infection Laboratory Test Panel offers a one stop, comprehensive synovial fluid laboratory diagnostic workup for PJI.

The Synovasure Comprehensive Infection Laboratory Test Panel combines common standard of care (SoC) tests with proprietary tests only offered by Zimmer Biomet, through its subsidiary CD Laboratories.  

Proprietary testing included: 

  • Synovasure Alpha Defensin ELISA
  • Synovasure Microbial Identification
  • Synovasure Neutrophil Elastase 

Standard of Care Tests included:

  • Culture
  • WBC count w/Differential
  • Crystal Analysis



One Stop Comprehensive Aid in PJI Diagnosis

  • Combines common standard of care (SoC) tests with proprietary tests only offered by Zimmer Biomet; Synovasure Alpha Defensin ELISA, Synovasure Microbial Identification, Synovasure Neutrophil Elastase

Integrity Assessments on All Specimens

  • As part of the panel, every specimen is tested for Absorbance at 280nm (A280) and Red Blood Cell Count to ensure the specimen is not diluted by added fluid or blood. 

Fulfills Industry-Developed Criteria

  • Panel includes tests that fulfill MSIS, ICM and EBJIS criteria.12-14

Easy-to-Read Results Report in 24 Hours

  • Providers receive an easy-to-read report typically within 24-hours of receipt at CD Laboratories, except culture. Cultures are held for 7 days (14 for shoulder specimens). 


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