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Intelligently Analytical Operating Rooms

The Omni Suite is an intelligent integrated operating room, removing manual interactions with complex software and replacing it with automation driven by artificial intelligence* (object recognition). Our platform automates the collection of data, providing real-time access to workflow metrics to support data-driven decision making and OR workflow optimization. We are removing unnecessary technology and redundant hardware to create value innovation that brings tangible benefit to our customers.

Today’s Operating Room staff are overwhelmed with data entry and redundant tasks that may compete with patient care. The Omni Suite is more than just another manual integration solution – it is a smart system designed to work with your staff throughout the procedure by prompting checklist completion, automating text communication among team members, and configuring data displays to help optimize your OR workflow.

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More Time for Patient Care

From start to finish, our platform keeps a record of various steps the staff is performing.

This information will feed into the data analytics, allowing for true real-time metrics for each OR.


Omni AI Workflow Graphic_Page_2

1. Patient Entry

  • Surgeon is notified that patient has entered the OR
  • Designed to help staff with efficient start times

2. Pre-Anesthesia Checklist Completion

  • Relevant checklist is displayed on monitors
  • Software completion is prompted and saved to patient file

3. Anesthesia Start

  • Start time is collected and displayed on OmniSight
  • Automated data collection and visualization of data

4. Surgical Timeout  Completion

  • Automated prompting of staff to complete
  • Drives quality and compliance metrics

5. Display Configuration

  • Surgical displays are populated with procedure specific content
  • Automated routing of images without manual manipulation of software

6. Surgery Start

  • Start time is collected and displayed on OmniSight
  • Intra-operative data is displayed based on rules engine intelligence

7. Door Opening Count

  • Time displayed on OmniSight monitor
  • Traffic monitored and documented

8. Surgery Stop

  • Stop time is collected and displayed on OmniSight
  • Proactive messaging to staff in preparation for transport and room turnover

9. Patient Exit

  • Family Message sent to update on progress
  • Automated data collection for workflow analytics

10. Post-Op Checklist Completion

  • Relevant checklist is displayed on monitors
  • Software completion is prompted and saved to patient file

11. Cleaning Start

  • Time and date stamp for performance analytics
  • Workflow optimization

12. Cleaning Stop

  • Staff messaging to begin next case setup
  • Turnover time analytics

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