How Much Time Could You Save?

The Tricera® System is an advanced arthroscopy system that combines ablation/hemostasis, tissue resection, bone cutting and fluid management into one unique system.

  • Resects bone 2.12x faster1  than leading competitor’s shaver blade
  • Time to transect bovine tendon up to 2x faster1  than leading competitor
  • Dynablator resects tissue 7.5x faster2 than the leading ablation probes

The Tricera Systems allows for surgeon control, with quality tools for rapid, reliable procedures. The system is simple and intuitive, with a quick and easy setup. The Tricera System's all-in-one architecture allows for efficiency and optimization by having all modalities work in harmony through a single console.


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System Features

  • Integrated bipolar RF shaver handpiece allows surgeons to move between modes with the quick push of a button,  giving them exceptional control of the procedure.
  • Surgeons can adjust settings, joint flush and suction as well.
  • Features a device recognition feature and will automatically adjust the available modes for each attachment.
  • Can be autoclaved for ease of use.
  • Dynablator™ incorporates a reciprocating electrode with combined resection and suction for superior tissue removal. Utilizing Dynamic Ablation™ technology, Dynablator reciprocates a smaller electrode 50 times per second, generating a large, dense plasma field. This results in aggressive bulk tissue removal with improved visibility and lower joint fluid temperatures. 
  • The 3-in-1 SHAVER™ combines soft tissue resection, bone cutting, and ablation/coagulation into one device. Similar in tip geometry to a standard shaver, the 3-in-1 SHAVER offers multiple modalities, reducing intraoperative instrument exchanges for procedural efficiency without sacrificing performance. 
  • Standard Shavers & Burrs - the fastest RPM and oscillation speeds available, allowing surgeons to resect and burr bone with integrated fluid management.
  • Veriflow™, Tricera’s self-loading integrated inflow/outflow fluid management system, helps optimize fluid pressure with reduced spikes and troughs. This intuitive system contains a proprietary algorithm that measures the back pressure and joint pressure and adapts to any sheath/scope manufacturer. This provides excellent visualization with consistent joint distension, even when using tapered sheaths.
  • Exoflow™ is  Tricera’s  outflow-only fluid management offering that provides surgeons the flexibility to use their existing inflow fluid management setup while automating outflow through Tricera devices. The outflow activates automatically with device use as well as on-demand when the flush mode is activated. 
  • Ergonomically designed footswitch allows the surgeon to adjust the mode, pump, activate mode and coag, and flush the joint, all with the familiarity of the standard yellow activate and blue coag pedals.   



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