For ACL Reconstruction

The ToggleLoc Device with ZipLoop Technology for ACL Reconstruction is designed for use in both the transtibial and the anteromedial portal, and tension may be applied from the femoral side after tibial fixation has been achieved. This knotless device also allows for a change in the lengths of its loop in order to make it fit in virtually any length tunnel.


  • One size implant fits all femoral tunnel lengths

  • Allows ability to re-tension from femoral side after tibial fixation

  • Provides standard or retro zipping (ZipLoop Inline) directions and bailout options (XL button) 


ToggleLoc and ToggleLoc XL for ACL Reconstruction using a Quadruple Semitendinosus Graft

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ToggleLoc Device with ZipLoop Technology for Medial Portal ACL Reconstruction

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