A Biointegrative Implant

The Tapestry Biointegrative Implant has highly aligned and highly porous structure with consistent microarchitecture that is similar to native tendon1 and gradually resorbs leaving new tendon-like tissue in place of the implant2.

Product Features

Mimics Native

  • Provides the optimal structure and facilitates cellular and fluid infiltration3,4 for tendon and ligament healing, leaving tendon-like tissue in place of the implant2.
  • Tapestry has a highly aligned and organized structure.3
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  • Gradually resorbs, leaving new tendon-like tissue in place of the implant2
  • In a pre-clinical study, Tapestry demonstrated new collagen deposition, incorporation into the native tissue, and new tendon-like tissue into and around the implant.2
  • Tapestry demonstrated complete integration and formation of dense, collagenous fibrous connective tissue into and around the implant as early as 8 weeks in a pre-clinical study.2
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  • Tapestry’s structure supports optimal fluid absorption, cell attachment and proliferation, and vascularization3,5 facilitating the formation of new tendon-like tissue.
  • Tapestry is available in multiple sizes to accommodate patient anatomies in various applications including, but not limited to, rotator cuff and total shoulder repairs, hamstring, quad tendon, and Achilles.

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