Features and Benefits


Designed for informed surgeon decision-making based on a patient’s unique anatomy, and the flexibility to execute total shoulder arthroplasty for anatomic and reverse techniques.

Drive Shoulder Replacement Volume:

  • Tools like ROSA Shoulder may increase surgeon’s confidence through an easy-to-use interface and robotic-assisted workflow

Flexible Execution

  • Adapts to surgeon through Collaborative mode: surgeon can move the arm while robot maintains some control
  • Stay in control - adapts to surgeon’s workflow preference
  • Component adjustments can be made at the surgeon’s discretion during the pre- and intra-operative planning phases

Implants Designed to Improve Outcomes

Technologies are only as good as the implants they are used with. Zimmer Biomet has a rich clinical history with the Comprehensive® Shoulder System6-8 and continues to invest in additional systems to allow for universal compatibility.

  • Including Comprehensive, ROSA Shoulder also supports the Identity® Shoulder System and Alliance® Glenoid System


Engineered for accurate implant placement1 through intra-operative, robotically assisted glenoid reaming and humeral resection capabilities.

  • Component placement has been shown to be more accurate and reproducible than conventional instrumentation.1 Historically, conventional instrumentation has suffered from poor component positioning2, 9-11
  • Positions the humeral cut and glenoid reamer accurately to plan,1 quantifying actual values and with a goal to reduce complications, including those associated with component malpositioning2-5
  • Utilize Signature™ ONE Planner, our web-based planning software that uses pre-operative CT scans to dictate targeted implant placement
  • Provides live feedback with the ability to control glenoid ream depth and intra-operative validation of cut resections


Strategic instrument design and data-powered planning and execution promote surgical efficiency.

  • No pin required in center of glenoid
  • Provides flexibility to intra-operatively switch to reverse shoulder if required


Making the best decision when it matters requires data-driven intelligence. 

A cornerstone of ZBEdge™ Dynamic Intelligence™, with the power to elevate and unlock the full potential of Zimmer Biomet’s cutting-edge suite of integrated digital technologies, robotics and implant solutions. 

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Making the decision to get a knee replacement isn’t easy, but we believe by showing patients that Zimmer Biomet stands behind the products in the ROSA®dvantage program and the surgeons who use the products, they will be a little more at ease.



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