Signature ONE Planning and Guides allows the surgeon to achieve:

  • CONFIDENCE in understanding patient anatomy with high-quality 3D reconstruction and the ability to reproduce that plan to the patient
  • SIMPLICITY with 
    easy to use guides and software interface
  • CONVENIENCE  through on-line access with any computer or iPad® along with a surgical technique that fits intuitively within existing techniques

System Features

Signature ONE Planning

Beginning with a CT scan, Zimmer Biomet quickly provides back an initial surgical plan, combining surgeon surgical preferences and patient anatomical landmarks.  Adjustments can easily be made based on a quick review of the surgical plan.  The software features all of Zimmer Biomet’s key shoulder arthroplasty systems including the Identity® Shoulder System, Comprehensive® Total, Reverse and Augmented options along with the Trabecular Metal Reverse Plus™ (TMR+®) System and Alliance® Glenoid.

Surgical planning consists of several adjustable attributes on both the scapular and humeral sides of the joint, based on the presenting indications and surgical goals, including:

  • Backside contact and 3D measurement tools
  • Lateralization reference points to assist in preserving glenoid bone 
  • Quick changes from non-augmented to augmented components for maximum bone preservation
  • Ability to visualize inferior Glenosphere offset to improve range of motion
  • Central screw length visualization
  • Humeral planning for height, version and inclination
  • Humeral Range of Motion Evaluation to show potential impingement points
  • Measurement Tools that can analyze humeral position in relation to the scapula 

Signature ONE Guides

Once the surgical plan is approved by the submitting surgeon, guide creation begins and is provided for in-surgical use with several key supporting components:

  • Signature ONE Glenoid guide for accurate pin placement 

  • Patient glenoid bone model for visual confirmation throughout the procedure

  • Depth control arm to assist in glenoid depth execution

  • Augment Rotation Guide for Augmented Baseplate (only) to assist in accuracy of augment orientation

The Signature ONE Guides add no additional steps to the surgical procedure and are placed on the glenoid to guide initial pin placement.  A secondary superior pin is also inserted to provide for accurately controlled ream depth.  The introduction of ream depth is unique to the system and highly important when wanting to achieve maximum bone preservation of the glenoid. 


Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System Augmented Baseplate featuring Signature ONE Guides

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