Proven. Versatile. Simple.

The Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System was born from a desire to provide a complete shoulder arthroplasty solution to surgeons, without compromise.

Now, this spirit of innovation lives on through evolved solutions for challenging cases, including Comprehensive Vault Reconstruction System (VRS), Segmental Revision System (SRS) for reverse and anatomic, Augmented Baseplates and Mini Humeral Trays and Bearings. 
Confidently approach clinical challenges with proven technologies, versatile innovation and market-leading simple solutions in the Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System.

System Features

Proven Clinical History

The Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder has been trusted since 2008. It has a proven1-12 clinical history, and combines materials that have been tested to withstand the demands of joint arthroplasty. Common clinical challenges such as scapular notching and polyethylene wear were inputs of the original design rationale, and Comprehensive Reverse provides the answers.


Suite of Glenoid Solutions

The glenoid is traditionally the most difficult part of a reverse shoulder procedure due to poor visibility of the scapula for assessment of the glenoid vault and glenoid version, minimal bone for fixation of the implants and determination of deltoid tensioning.  The surgery can become even more difficult with moderately to severely eroded glenoids. In order to address a wide range of possible patient anatomies, the Comprehensive Reverse System provides one of the most complete glenoid portfolios on the market and includes Mini and Standard Baseplates, Augmented Baseplates, Vault Reconstruction System and compatibility with Trabecular Metal™ Reverse System to solve any glenoid deficiency that comes your way.

Simple Instrumentation

Instrumentation can make big difference in a surgery. Good instrumentation should allow the patient and implant to come into focus. Comprehensive Reverse instrumentation was designed to be intuitive and complement the surgical work flow.



Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder System Surgical Technique Animation

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Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Humeral Surgical Technique Animation

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