ACL Suspensory Button Fixation System

ToggleLoc® Flip Inline with ZipLoop® Technology features an adjustable button loop that allows for one size fits all surgeon-controlled graft tensioning for ACL reconstruction. The strong titanium suspensory button fixation device is designed with a flipping suture for reproducible button deployment.

  • Self-adjusting loop covers 15 to 60 mm ACL loop repair diameters.
  • Additional suture holes allow surgeon-controlled suture flipping and tactile deployment of the button.
  • Designed with a single, long protective card to reduce coiling of the loop and suture. 
ToggleLoc® Flip Inline with ZipLoop® Technology from Zimmer Biomet
  • Strong titanium suspensory button fixation device with a high suture pullout tensile strength of 900 Newtons1
  • Distinct 3-point locking ZipLoop design and braid construction allow for easy placement and is designed to help minimize suture creep
  • Features strong2,3,4, coreless UHMWPE MaxBraid™ Sutures
  • Saddle design provides smooth control for ACL graft tensioning.
  • Adjustable loop can tension and close as low as 5 mm to the end of the button, maximizing graft biology in bone.
  • Plate button style fits flush in extender or washer if ACL socket is fully reamed out. 


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