Surgeon-controlled tension to optimize soft tissue repair.

The Betta Link Single Turn Knotless Implant System is designed to allow surgeon-controlled tensioning on the sutures and soft tissue, giving the surgeon direct control of the final repair construct. Guides and inserters are available for both hip and shoulder applications.

Based on the same design principles as our Quattro Link anchors, the Betta Link Knotless Implants help optimize control in the final repair construct of the labral bumper.   

*Single turn for controlled labral tensioning. To disengage implant requires one additional half-turn


  • Implant length is 10.4 mm, sized to help lessen risk of inadvertent subchondral penetration
  • PEEK knotless implants designed with 2.4 mm drill hole
  • Accepts round suture and suture tape
  • Anatomically reattach the labral bumper with the ability to control suture tension after implant insertion

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