Designed for Optimal Coverage of the Lateral Compartment

The Oxford Fixed Lateral is a fixed bearing partial knee, specifically designed for the lateral compartment using over 400 lateral compartment CT scans.1


  • Knee Reconstruction
  • Partial Knee Replacement


  • Cemented


  • Partial Knee Replacement

Survivorship at 4  years


A study of 186 Oxford Fixed Laterals, with a mean follow-up of 2.8 years, reported a 99% survivorship at 4 years.2

CT Scans


Anatomically designed tibial component specific for the lateral compartment, based on over 400 lateral compartment CT scans.1

System Features

Twin Peg Femoral Component

  • Same femoral component as the Oxford Partial Knee, which has over 45 years of clinical experience 
  • Additional peg intended to provide rotational stability

Flat Articulation

  • Twin Peg Femoral Component

Designed for the Lateral Compartment 

  • The Oxford Fixed Lateral is designed to provide optimal coverage of the lateral compartment.



Clinical Heritage

  • The Oxford Fixed Lateral PKR combines the experience gained from the fixed bearing Vanguard M™ Partial Knee and mobile bearing Oxford Partial Knee. Same femoral component as the Oxford Partial Knee, which has over 45 years of clinical experience.

Reproducible Instrumentation

  • Reproducible instrumentation: uses the Oxford Microplasty® Instrumentation platform, facilitating a reproducible surgical technique. Microplasty instrumentation simplifies the surgical technique, providing more accurate and reproducible femoral and tibial implant positioning.4

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