Large volume

Rapid delivery

Minimally invasive technique

DragonWing™ is a sterile-packed, single-use delivery kit enabling percutaneous bone graft delivery. The DragonWing enables surgeons to streamline bone graft delivery minimally invasively with reloadable graft cartridges.

Indications for Use:

  • To be used for the delivery of autograft or hydrated allograft bone graft material to an orthopaedic surgical site.


Procedure Type Examples:

  • Fusions
  • Nonunions
  • Arthroscopic/MIS Grafting
  • Cysts
  • Bone Voids
  • AVN
  • Lesions

System Features

Comprehensive Autologous Bone Graft Delivery

  • Straight delivery cannulas in kit for percutaneous autograft delivery
  • Multiple graft cartridges in kit to for ease of insertion
  • Multi channel cartridge design for streamlined delivery process



Avitus® DragonWing™ Animation

Avitus® DragonWing™ Technique Video

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