Comfortably Maximizing Surgical Performance

The TotalShield II System arms you with an ergonomically designed helmet providing stability, cooling fan ports and the option of an LED light to provide a large area of illumination.

Maximum Protection1

  • AAMI Level 4
  • Highest liquid barrier protection level
  • Breathable sleeves designed to prevent gloves from rolling down

Engineered for Total Comfort

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Designed to reduce heat and CO2 accumulation
  • Shield material is anti-glare and allows for easy cleaning

The TotalShield II System comfortably maximizes surgical performance because of its personalized fit and ultra-quiet fan.


Designed to reduce heat, CO2 and direct air away from the user’s eyes


Boa® Fit System for a personalized fit designed to reduce pressure points

Product Features

Comfort with Maximum Protection.1      


  • Strong and durable material you can count on

10-Hour Runtime

  • Battery includes a built-in battery life indicator

Ultra-Quiet Fan

  • Cool air is delivered without a distracting noise

Balance and Stability

  • Ergonomically lightweight helmet that is stable and balanced

Open Frame Design

  • No chinbar to allow normal range of motion

190 Degree Field of View

  • Allows you to utilize your peripheral vision

Integrated LED

  • Built-in bright headlight provides a large area of illumination


Short Stem Length

  • Optimal for minimally invasive surgical approaches and reduces the need to multiple proximal profile options

Clinically Proven PPS coating

  • Applied to the proximal portion of the stem allows for initial scratch-fit stability and long-term biological fixation

Full and Reduced Proximal Profile Options

  • Including 2 reduced proximal profile sizing options to accommodate varying anatomies

Reduced Proximal Profile

  • Provides optimal fit for Type C or stove top canal often associated with elderly hip fracture patients

Polished Bullet-shaped Distal Tip

  • Provides a gradual separation from the cortex to reduce distal stresses


TotalShield® II Surgical Helmet System

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