Complete Tibial-Femoral Interchangeability

The Vanguard 360 Revision Knee System delivers customizable implant combinations due to independent fit of each component.

The Vanguard 360 Revision Knee System offers independent sizing of femoral and tibial components, along with the capability to position the universal femoral and tibial stem offsets in a full 360 degree range allow for complete intraoperative flexibility.


  • Revision Knee


  • Intraoperative 
  • Stability


  • Revision Knee

System Features



Complete Interchangeability

  • Complete tibial-femoral interchangeability with multiple offsets and stem options

Simplified Instrumentation Platform

  • A precise, intuitive instrumentation platform, featuring simplified trial first approach

Independent Distal and Posterior Augments

  • Independent distal and posterior augments provide a solution to address bone loss

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