Surgical Simplicity

The Vanguard Knee System offers surgical simplicity with complete component interchangeability.


  • Primary Knee Reconstruction


  • Complete interchangeability


  • Primary

The clinical heritage of AGC® , Maxim® , and Ascent Total Knee Systems combined design features have allowed Zimmer Biomet to produce the Vanguard Complete Knee System1-3

ODEP Rating4


For cemented PS and AS Knees and CR Knees with and without patella

Survivorship at 10 years5



Clinical Heritage1

20 years

With Direct Compression Molded (DCM) tibial bearing technology



Interchangeable Instrument Platforms

  • Five fully interchangeable instrument platforms allow for various approaches, ranging from minimally invasive to quadriceps sparing

Advanced Technology

  • Vanguard Tibial Bearings are available in ArCom® Direct Compression Molded (DCM) Polyethylene and Vivacit-E® Vitamin Enriched Technology. ArCom Polyethylene has shown resistance to wear delamination and oxidation in clinical settings6-9

Signature™ Personalized Patient Care

  • The Signature Personalized Patient Care utilizes MRI and CT based patient-specific femoral and tibial positioning guides to offer an individualized approach to total knee replacement

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